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What are some good ideas to do some small business advertising?

Question by Evilish13: What are some good ideas to do some small business advertising?
I own an insurance agency, im looking for some ideas as far as advertising goes. I have a fairly small budget but am considering newspapers, billboards ect. Also, what are some ideas that i can do while im in the office working? I sent out postcards to local homeowners and i didn’t get a huge response. Please suggest for me some bigger ideas and also some smaller ones that i can utilize while i have free time.

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Answer by John R
CD business cards, or even standard CDs or DVDs can create a much longer lasting impression than paper business cards, brochures, or post cards. Some companies charge a lot to produce a professional presentation for these discs, but I have put some things in place to make this technology affordable for small business owners.

We have hunderds of professional templates for CD business cards and samples of our work at http://www.discwritecd.com/

Please contact me if you have questions or would like a free sample CD business card with more info. JR

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Can someone help me fix this paragraph please?, I know some sentences doesn’t make scense,can u please help me

Health care is one of the issues that both candidates plan to improve. Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to lower cost and have affordable health care insurance by providing tax credit for all people based on their income. This plan will insure individuals not to pay more than the limited percentage of their income even though if people become ill or loose their job health care insurance won’t be lost. However, business will have a choice of either offer coverage or make contribution to public, depending on firm size and average wages. While small business will be provided tax credit if they provide health care to their workers to help pay their cost. On the other hand John Mc Cain plans to provide health care affordability to American families by fostering competition and innovation. It will provide individuals’ $2,500 tax credit or $5,000 to families to increase incentives for insurance coverage. Health care insurance will be portable form job to job and will automatically bridge the time between retirement and medicate eligibility.

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What are some good ways to market a small business on an even smaller budget?

I’m helping out my boyfriend with some marketing ideas for his small business (he does spray in bed liners for trucks, etc). The budget is pretty small for now, and we were trying to get some advertising out there. Short of beating down car dealerships doors, are there any ideas of anything else I can do?

I appreciate the help :)

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What are some colleges in NC that specialize in business management?

I’m looking for some colleges in North Carolina that have a specialized program for small business management, Can anyone give me some names or websites i can look up to kinda get a list going of places to check out?

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Who are some the most renowned experts in ebusiness?

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What are some good, free sites you can use to advertise your small business?

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What are some popular small business to open? (could be a franchise)?

Iam really interested in opening a small business… What are the basic requirments of opening a small business.. Please provide with any information?

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Please help me to purchase some tubing flaring tools for my business?

I want to buy some nice and cheap flaring tools for my small business needs. Where can I get them in Tempe?
I’m looking forward to your responses.

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What are some internet advertising possibilities for a growing small businesses?

I’ve been in business for about 5 years and am expanding into other cities and markets. I need some ideas or companies that can help me beyond doing craigslist ads. I think we are ready for the next level.

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What are some inexpensive ways to market/advertise a Small Business on a very low budget?

Unique Shades of Color • Anything & Everthing• Gifts Shoppe-Specialty Items & Services. I need help getting the word out without using costly News-paper Ads, DMA listings (which are only 60-70% accurate), or using a local Print Shop to send bulk mailing. Bulk Mailing Permits start-up is costly in the beginning, and expensive (but cheaper than regular mail in the long run).

I’d like to hear from someone who has insight in this area that could help me out with some inexpensive marketing-adverising! I’m a Small Business Owner who greatly appreciate some expert advice from someone who has been there.

Anyone who sends suggestions I will send out “Spring 2006 Catalog” •End of Summer Super Blow-Out Sale• Plus a coupon for 25% off for your help (or retail store owners looking for wholesale merchandise view my website @ unique-shades-of-color.com for more info or email me at info@unique-shades-of-color.com. All help is greatly appreciated.Karen Randell

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